This summary of services will serve as a “standard” that every client and partner should expect when utilizing our full scope of management services. Adherence to these basic services will not only ensure the quality and consistency of our own management services, but also ensure quality and consistency of our clients’ return.

1.) Customer Service – Our clients can be sure that customer communication will be our top priority. All tenants will have access to the following:

  • Office number for communication during business hours
  • Emergency communication available 24 hours a day
  • Mailing address for all correspondence and inquiries
  • Email address for all non-emergency requests

for sale-lease
2.) Leasing/Sales – As a licensed real estate agent with a well established local firm, our principal manager brings the expertise and  resources of a regionally recognized name in real estate. Together, we can assist you with the following:

  • Market properties for sale or lease
  • Prepare and manage lease renewals
  • Provide ongoing lease vs. sales information
  • Assist in maximizing your income stream

Rental agreement
3.) Tenant Coordination – At Premiere Management, we understand the importance of not only finding good tenants, but also in maintaining positive working relationships with them throughout their term. We’ll work directly with tenants to:

  • Carefully explain tenant responsibilities vs. owner responsibilities
  • Inspect all property before and after tenant move in and move out
  • Address all tenant concerns within the most reasonable time frame
  • Allocate all security deposits as required by State Law
  • Provide credit/background checks on all prospective tenants

financial management
4.) Financial Management – One of the keys to maximizing income and profit on any investment property is proper financial management. As managers acting on our clients’ behalf, we’ll ensure that every transaction is properly documented and available to each client at their request. We will:

  • Ensure proper receipt of monthly rent payments
  • Manage accounts payable
  • Generate monthly financial statements for each property
  • Coordinate with legal counsel for delinquent tenants, if necessary
  • Generate quarterly reports with general recommendations and analyses of properties

5.) Property Maintenance – For owners looking to streamline the management of their property even further, we turn to our sister company, Shoreline Property Services to assist in their ongoing maintenance. We’ll have direct access to in house staff and contractors that can easily handle most routine calls and maintenance needs. Furthermore, Premiere Management reserves a long list of carefully screened contractors ready to help in any areas outside of our own maintenance division’s scope of work. As part of our maintenance program, we will:

  • Personally handle all repair requests
  • Solicit and obtain multiple bids for hired contractor work
  • Inspect and supervise all contract work
  • Recommend preventative maintenance programs
  • Provide in-house staff that is available for routine handyman work and minor repairs

quarterly reports
6.) Quarterly Reporting Package – Finally, as part of our full scope management service, we will ensure that each client is provided with a detailed quarterly report that clearly outlines all activity and transactions for that quarter. Owner disbursements are generally issued with these reports, but we can customize any package to suit our owners’ financial needs. Our quarterly reports will include any or all of the following:

  • Profit & Loss Financial Statement
  • Copies of bids, work order receipts, contractor invoices, etc.
  • Copies of deposited checks and lease renewals
  • Copies of bank statements